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VP Operations, Odyssey Relocation (VPO)
Title:VP Operations, Odyssey Relocation (VPO)

Immediate Availability:

Vice President, Operations (VPO)
Odyssey Relocation
27271 Las Ramblas, Suite # 120 
Mission Viejo, CA 92691


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For interest and questions please contact:

Severin Sorensen,
Senior Executive Recruiter
222 S. Main Street, Suite 500-E
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
435-655-5111 Direct

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Odyssey Relocation Management (odysseyrelo.com) is a rapidly growing global relocation management company in the "global mobility" provider market that provides customized corporate solutions for domestic and international employee transitions. From our Orange County, CA headquarters, Odyssey is fast becoming an industry leader of domestic and international employee transition services for companies that move between 50 and 400 employees per year.  Odyssey serves as a trusted extension of Client Talent & HR Teams to provide high-quality, high-touch and performance-based partnerships delivered by a veteran team of talented relocation professionals dedicated to 24/7 personal service. Our elite-level customer experience is delivered through our proven business model of People, Process and Partnership.

Odyssey’s rapid growth requires that we identify additional top operations talent to join our team to help us build and strengthen our domestic and global relocation operations and support teams to deliver on our brand promise and customer expectations. We desire to find a VP Operations that shares our 5-Es of Leadership: Energy, Energize, Edge, Execute and Empower. Thus, with the assistance of ePraxis, a premier level executive headhunting company, Odyssey is conducting a nationwide search to find a ‘world class’ Operations VP insider from the mobility and relocation industry to join us. We are interested in finding a VP Operations from within the relocation industry with prior high-touch, high-feel, relocation management experience; you are likely to have the necessary prior experience if you are currently or have held any of the following relocation industry operations management roles:  

  • Regional Operation Manager
  • General Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • VP operations
  • SVP operations

Our ideal candidate will have demonstrated been-there, done-that, premier service level company operations management experience that is necessary to help us grow our people, processes, and systems to the next level; and we are prepared to relocate you to beautiful Orange County, California.

VP Operations Position Description

The Odyssey VP Operations (VPO) reports directly to the Odyssey CEO, and is responsible for 3 direct reports (i.e., 2 Directors, 1 Sr. Manager) that manage another 18 team members in our relocation service center in Mission Viejo, CA. These operations team members, along with our sales team make up approximately 45 FTEs or equivalents on our current team, and we are growing. The VP Operations is directly responsible for onsite management of corporate headquarters operations in Orange County and supports all relocation operations globally from this location. Critical to success in this position is the VP Operations ability to directly manage relocation service delivery teams, support teammates, coordinate global partners contributions, and directly interface with Odyssey’s HR clients to yield an outstanding service experience for both Odyssey’s transferees and corporate customers. We are looking for...

•    Ability to lead others and build/manage an effective operational team.
•    Ability to develop and scale an organization (i.e., team and processes) for future growth.
•    Ability to multi-task effectively, prioritize and delegate.
•    Effective problem solving and analytical skills.
•    Excellent communication skills (oral, written and personal).
•    Ability to work successfully and thrive in a small office team environment while bringing best practices to common practice.
•    Strong process management functionality
•    Technology and business application proficiency
•    Customer advocacy and superior customer service skills
•    Domestic and global relocation operations expertise and technical knowledge.

Operations Know-How
•    Ability to lead others and build/manage an effective operational team.
•    Ability to multi-task effectively, prioritize and delegate.
•    Effective problem solving and analytical skills.
•    Excellent communication skills (oral, written and personal).
•    Ability to work successfully and thrive in a small office team environment while bringing best practices to common practice.
•    Strong process management functionality
•    Technology and business application proficiency
•    Customer advocacy and superior customer service skills

Relocation Centric Experience 
•    Understands relocation tax and gross-up terms and methodology
•    Understands relocation managed home sale transactions BVO/GBO and risk mitigated real estate transactions from the corporate client perspective
•    Understands household goods transportation industry terms and terminology
•    Global assignment management, expatriate tax equalization terms and terminology proficiency
•    Competency in AP and Payroll functionality and workflows within corporations
•    Understanding the HR administrator role in relocation

Management Experience
•    Implementation of business process management; e.g., Traction EOS business model system; i.e., www.eosworldwide.com 
•    Domestic and global relocation operations expertise and technical knowledge
•    Supply Chain management expertise
•    BPO experience
•    International Compensation knowledge

Desired Behavioral Operating Style of our Ideal VP Operations

1.     Mission of Service; you value serving others and enjoy helping clients and customers achieve their objectives through superior service.
2.    Grit; persistence; and stick-to-it-ness. You are self-directed and self-manage your time wisely and take responsibility for results. You have grit; persistence; and stick-to-it-ness.
3.    Communicator; you listen well, and are well versed in communication skills. 
4.    Leadership; your team follows you, not through compulsion, but rather they love working for you, as you are inspiring, trusted, and direct the team.
5.    Producer; you deliver on time and budget. You are prepared, think ahead, and anticipate plans for untimely roadblocks in your way.
6.    Innovator; you are creative, resourceful, and imaginative, and seek continual improvement incrementally.
7.    Discerner; you have demonstrated discernment, good judgment, and are viewed as a reservoir of wisdom and “uncommon” sense.  You make decisive decisions after gathering and analyzing facts.
8.    Proactive Boundless Problem Solver; not all the problems of the world are known, and you have resourceful capabilities to research, assess, and find solutions to new problems, or look at old methods and new ways and fix them.
9.    Technical Mastery; whatever you work on, you seek to become an expert and have learning skills to turn knowledge into wisdom.
10.    Lifetime learner; you read, discover, explore, and constantly seek to improve your skill sets. You are passionately curious; you have wonderment, are inquisitive, interested, and curious.

VP Operations Responsibilities and Duties

  • Drive accountability for operational, financial, and customer experience results related to company operations;
  • Determine team member capabilities, skills, etc, and a prepare and manage a development plan to train-up the team to higher performance to meet Odyssey operations goals and objectives;
  • Participate in master planning and lead the development of strategy and operating plans for the business;
  • Develop operations budgets and ROI justified capital expenditure plans;
  • In conjunction with CEO, create and execute short and long-term plans;
  • Support the business development team with defined quality assurance and relocation process management plans, and document processes that can be used to support new business, operations development, client-focused operations demos and tours, and client-centered operations that win the respect and admiration of our clients;
  • Working in consultation with the CEO, design, develop, and implement a progressive IT strategic roadmap to grow Odyssey’s relocation technology platform that will help the organization continually progress to the next levels of organizational growth and relocation service capacity;
  • Report operational performance annually or bi-annually to the Odyssey Board of Directors
  • Create and track team member accountability for implementation of defined business plans (e.g., EOS V/TO, Quarterly Rocks), and KPIs, and deliver results;
  • Engage and develop current operating metrics dashboard to measure and manage the business; desired metrics include:
  • Caseload management and weighing, staffing metrics, QA metrics
  • KPI’s include: Average revenue per file, by employee, by file type, by client, life of a file
  • Revenue forecasting based on KPI’s
  • NOI forecasting based upon authorization volume and operating costs
  • Be one of our Odyssey culture champions and coach and mentor operations team leaders and members;
  • Negotiate or approve contracts or agreements with suppliers, distributors, federal or state agencies, or other organizational entities.
  • Identify and lead adoption of industry best practices and standards throughout the companies; review standard operating procedures, and update routinely to keep the company leading edge;
  • Assure and enforce Information Security standards within operations from a sustainability and compliance viewpoint, assuring data protection, network security, and vital records security, to safeguard the company, its business practices and units, and safeguard client and customer data, review and develop industry-leading quality assurance protocols, and test the delivery of our services and systems;
  • Drive internal accountability for results related to operations; institutionalize benchmarking and monitoring results for performance;
  • Drive business excellence through LEAN; throughout the ODYSSEY geographic footprint, identify profit fumbles, and be on guard to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse;
  • Influence change management through team building, collaboration and development and monitoring of metrics;
  • Expert skills in conflict resolution and organizational development;
  • Foster innovative solutions creating best in class results through continuous improvement
  • Evaluate, develop, and nurture the team.
  • Other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the CEO
Technical Qualifications and Requirements
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • BS in Business Management, Finance, Operations, IT, Marketing, Psychology, or other germane educational backgrounds to operations management in the relocation service industry, etc.
  • MBA, or Masters Degree in Business Administration, Information Technology Management, or Operations Management degree preferred. Alternately, years of experience in our field will substitute for college degrees.
  • Minimum 10+ years of operations, PM management, relocation management, HR administration, or other field level support services administration work experience with increasing responsibilities for management.
  • Minimum of 5+ years as the senior operations leader, running the full operations of your company and all its functions.
  • Preferably 5+ years in managing projects using Software-As-A-Service Operations (SaaS), relocation management systems, project management delivery systems, or other technical support operations related positions, working with technologies and issues similar to those used in our field.
  • The ideal candidate will have IT management experience and have demonstrated the ability to leverage technology to make operations more user-friendly, efficient, and resilient.
  • Prior exposure to the relocation management industry a plus. Experience with luxury service and customer experience expectation management is imperative.
    • Prior participation in the Employee Relocation Council; a plus.
    • GMS – Global Mobility Specialist Certification; a plus.
    • CRP – Certified Relocation Professional; a plus.
  • Must understand P&L and how it impacts the financial and operational success of the firm.
  • Working knowledge of MS Office (e.g., MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), MS Project, Visio, and other business productivity tools and software is helpful; strong working knowledge of MS Excel preferred;
  • Experience with managing projects using small teams with distributed operations; ideally, experience with managing relocation industry teams and services, accessing efficient and valued resources globally wherever they may reside.
  • Experience with LEAN manufacturing principles, and demonstrated experience applying LEAN to business operations settings. There are opportunities within our operations to design and/or redesign operations to increase service, responsiveness, and make more efficient and reduce waste.
  • Develop effective talent hiring and development plans to recruit, develop and mentor a cadre of outstanding operations team members (including project manager and support personnel) to maintain profitable and resilient operations.
  • Comply with ISO and corporate guidelines on business ethics. Lead and direct compliance programs to assure guidelines are met and conditions monitored.
  • Demonstrated ability to accept responsibility, be self-governing, self-directed, be proactive, and responsible for the accomplishment of the company mission without the need for daily coaching or prompting from the CEO.
  • Demonstrated history of good employee relations in past positions is a must.
  • Ability to deliver results while working with others, and motivate a team culture that is respectful and supports the company values of excellence, integrity, and quality experience for our customers.
  • Strong problem solving and creative skills and the ability to exercise sound judgment and make decisions based on preparation of accurate and timely analysis.
  • The position is a key management position and a time demanding position. The candidate must demonstrate that they understand the requirements of the position, the time required to complete the required duties, and a willingness to be flexible and work the required time-sensitive projects impacting the supply chain.
  • Periodic business travel required, though the VP Operations primary role will be the full-time onsite executive at Odyssey's headquarters operations.

This position is based in Mission Viejo, Orange County, California. 


Salary is negotiable and commensurate with ability and experience. Benefits package is typical of other benefit packages for Operations VPs with similar company size in Orange County, California.


The VP Operations position is available immediately with a projected start-date on or before 6/30/18.

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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